Sta-Built Construction LLC Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy stipulates the measures and protocols by which Sta-Built Construction LLC (“Sta-Built”, “our firm”, or “we”) acquires, employs, or discloses personally identifiable data procured from our website and any ancillary online or offline platforms we administer (together referred to as the “Offerings”). By accessing or utilizing our Offerings, you implicitly agree to the protocols outlined herein and as set forth in our Terms of Engagement.


1. Mechanisms of Data Procurement

We may amass data via:

  • Direct interactions or disclosures from you.
  • Technological methods when you make use of our Offerings.
  • Referrals from third-party entities.

2. Data Elements Procured

  • For proficient delivery of our Offerings, we may procure:
  • Identification data: Name, electronic mail address, contact number.
  • Financial details for transactional purposes.
  • Data you proffer through structured submission tools or when citing issues.
  • Correspondence between our firm and you.
  • Publicly accessible records.
  • Online Behavioral Patterns, further detailed henceforth.

3. Online Behavioral Patterns & Systematic Data Retrieval

Our firm and associated entities, while not using cookies, may employ other systematic means for data collection. This could encompass:

  • Documentation of your engagements with our Offerings.
  • Technical details such as Internet Protocol (IP) address, device classification, browser characteristics, among others.
  • Currently, we do not acknowledge “Do Not Track” signals sent by web browsers.

4. Application of Procured Data

  • We may leverage the data procured to:
  • Register and administer user profiles.
  • Refine client interaction protocols.
  • Enhance the quality of our Offerings.
  • Facilitate financial transactions.
  • Dispatch electronic communications, updates, or firm notifications.
  • Engage in dialogues with users.
  • Deter fraudulent activities and uphold our Terms.
  • For promotional endeavors.

Kindly note: You can rescind subscription to promotional communications, which might result in the omission of custom promotions.

5. Disclosure Protocols

We reserve the right to divulge data:

  •  With third-party entities, in alignment with legal stipulations.
  •  With affiliate entities and service collaborators.
  • On public forums, subject to your discretion.
  • For promotional and brand promotion purposes.
  • In compliance with legal imperatives or to preserve safety.
  • In a form devoid of personally identifiable elements.
  • In scenarios of organizational mergers or acquisitions, we endeavor to ensure congruent application of data with this notice.

6. Data Safeguarding Protocols

We employ judicious measures to fortify data. Nonetheless, absolute security remains elusive. In the eventuality of a breach, legal notifications will be executed.

7. Externally Managed Web Platforms

External links may be provided. Their data governance remains their prerogative.

8. Data Rights & Choices

You possess certain entitlements:

  • Physical Mail Promotions: You may desist via reaching out.
  • Electronic Mail Promotions: Desist by rescinding subscription.
  • Online Patterns: Disengage tracking or modify browser configurations.
  • Mobile Promotions: Respond with STOP or TERMINATE for cessation.

9. Regional Data Directives

Residents of WA State have codified rights. These include data non-disclosure, retrieval, modification, and elimination. Direct such requests to our contact coordinates.

10. Youthful Users

Our Offerings cater to individuals above 13 years. Deliberate data procurement from younger cohorts is not our policy.

11. Notice Alterations

Amendments to this Privacy Notice may be instituted. Continued interface post amendments denotes concurrence. Periodic perusal is recommended.

Updated: August 2023.

Contacting Us

For interpretative or procedural inquiries regarding this Notice, you can reach us on 3603380533 or send us an email [email protected].