Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions About Pavers

Why Choose Pavers over Concrete?

Paving Stones are much stronger than concrete due to the high compression in the manufacturing process, in fact, it is typically 3 times the compression pounds per square inch. This keeps your paving stone from cracking and makes it less likely to chip. Paving Stones also supported on a sand bed that allows it to fluctuate ever so slightly making it the best option for your high traffic areas like driveways.

How do I remove efflorescence?

There are special cleaning solutions that you can easily apply over your paved surfaces to remove the whitish haze (efflorescence).

Are Pavers Permeable?

Short answer, Yes but some pavers are designed to be permeable whereas others while still allowing about 8% of water to go through are considered non-permeable.

I want to remove snow from my paved surfaces, how do I ensure I won’t damage the pavers?

Just use rubber edged snow plows instead of sharp edged tools.

How Do I Prevent Weeds?

Having Sta-Built Construction install your pavers can eliminate most of your problems because we use a geo-fabric in our installation. We also can install polymeric sand that can prevent weeds from taking root. Lastly keeps your investment clean and free from debris. This will go a long way in not only eliminating a weed problem but also keeping your place looking its very best.

How Do I Remove Stains or Fix Damaged Pavers?

If the stain is on only one or two pavers the easiest way to fix it is to pull out the paver and install a new one. Pavers make it easy to make your stains gone.

How long do I have to wait to drive/walk on my interlocking paving stones after they are installed?

That’s the best part, there is no downtime! You can walk and drive on your pavers right away.

How can I be sure I’m making the right decisions?

Choices throughout the construction process can be overwhelming. With years of experience, we do our best to help homeowners cut through the clutter. Our goal is to always assist and inform your decisions while leaving the final decisions to you.

Can you drive heavy vehicles over concrete?

Concrete is subject to frequent cracking in a seismic area such as Southern California. Pavers are durable, flexible, and resistant to UV light and weather cycles. They are slip-resistant, easily repaired and maintenance is minimal. The options of customizing with pavers are limitless while concrete has no options to customize.

Does Artificial Grass look like real grass?

Improvements made in the recent years have made it look and feel more natural. You don’t need to take our word for it, have a look by giving us a call for an estimate.

What Goes under the artificial turf?

We generally use a specialty crushed rock, but this is situational and your projects’s location, topography, drainage conditions, and other factors will be considered by our design consultant.

Questions and Quality Traits in My Contractor of Choice

How long have you been in the industry?

Anyone considering hiring a contractor needs to know if the person you are hiring is capable of executing and delivering your expectations. Time is a great way to bring out the best in all of us. Sta-Built Construction not only knows how to execute large projects but also knows how to bring the little details to life, the details that it takes time to learn.

When you’re choosing a contractor for your new home construction, addition, or remodel project, think through what your own priorities are—price, schedule, quality, or expertise. What you value most will highly impact your choice of a contractor.

Be sure your potential contractor listens well and demonstrates personal care for your project and its requirements. Your choice should be one that builds confidence, and someone that you are relaxed to work with. Ask for reviews from a prospective builder’s former clients, and find out if they would hire the builder again.

Are you licensed?

You only want to hire a contractor that will have proof of license and insurance. Contractors that don’t have a contractor’s license and are not properly insured normally ask for cash. Beware these are the companies that you never hear from again.

Do you have references?

If you ask for a list of references and a potential contractor sprints away like an Olympic Marathoner, turn and run in the opposite direction. These references will give you valuable insight into the construction process of your contractor of choice. Sta-Built Construction and produce a list of proud clients for you to call.

How long should it take for my project to be completed?

We know that not every project goes as planned but a good contractor should be able to give you an idea of when your project will be completed.

What is included in the contract?

Make sure you get a detailed contract stating what is and is not included.